License Overview

Items purchased under the Personal License can only appear in non-commercial projects. Purchase a Commercial or Extended Commercial License if you’re promoting a business, product, or service in an exchange of money or other consideration. The kind of license you choose must align with your intended use for the asset and the amount of seats you purchase must match the number of individuals using it.

  Personal Commercial Extended Commercial
Licensee Individual Individual or Company Individual or Company
Commercial Use Not permitted Yes Yes
End Products for Sale 0 Up to 5,000 Up to 250,000
Broadcast use Personal Commercial: up to 500,000 lifetime viewers Commercial: unlimited lifetime viewers
Social Media Use One personal account One commercial account Multiple commercial accounts
Mobile, Desktop or Web App Use No No Yes. One title downloaded or sold up to 250,000 times
Physical Paid Ads No Unlimited ads for local markets Unlimited ads for local, national, and global markets
Digital Paid Ads No Unlimited Unlimited

For more details on these use cases and a full explanation of how these licenses work, read our License FAQ and full License Terms.

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